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For information on deliveries, clearances and safety, please refer to our FAQ section.

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural

Whether you are new to propane or an existing user in search of potential suppliers, Chalmers Fuels are the experts to help you set up or switch over. 

Enjoy free tank installations, free automatic delivery, personalized payment plans and dependable staff ready to help whenever you need us.

For pricing or to learn more, please contact our office today at 1(800) 265-3594.

Tank Installations Year-Round

Our team of service technicians install tanks in every season. In the case of a switch of provider, tank installations are done at absolutely no charge.


For new-to-propane customers, the only thing you pay for is the material used to get you set up as this equipment becomes your property after it is installed. Our sales team is always availalbe to provide free site visits and quotes.

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Winter Lock-In Rates & Equal Billing

Every year Chalmers offers winter lock-in pricing to our propane customers.

Protect yourself from seasonal price spikes by guaranteeing your price per litre.

If you have questions about how it works, or this years rate, please give us a call.


Pair this with our equal billing plan to help spread higher winter heating costs evenly over the year for easier budgeting and a more predictable bill

oil to pro conversion
Oil to Propane Conversions

Due to increasing pressure from insurance companies and frequency of changes to the Oil Code regulations, many customers are making the switch from furnace oil to propane heat. A few benefits of this are:

Per litre, propane is cheaper on average by almost half

Propane furnaces are more affordable to purchase and are far more efficient with energy ratings of at least 90% AFUE

Propane burns cleaner than oil meaning equipment lasts longer and is more affordable to operate and maintain

Furnace oil customers purchase both their furnace and tank, while with propane the storage equipment is loaned to you by Chalmers


For a quote or any information on expanding or upgrading your current HVAC system, the knowledable service department at Chalmers Fuels is here to help.

Uses of Propane

Compared to a variety of heating options available to rural customers, propane offers a clean and convenient method of heating. With Chalmers reliable delivery systems and dedication to safety, consider propane a great choice for heating your home or business!


In addition to space heat, propane is a versatile fuel that can be used for a number of other applications such as powering generators to create electricity, producing hot water, drying clothes and crops, cooking and barbecuing.  


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