PowerUp - Thixogrease

Product Data Sheet: PowerUp Thixogrease (PDF)

Size: 10 x 400g Tube


Thixogrease, the new generation, multi purpose grease from Power Up, is ideal for applications where high loads, extreme pressure or high temperature cause serious metal to metal contact and wear. Superior water wash resistance and rust corrosion inhibition allow Thixogrease to excel in areas where conventional greases fail.


Thixogrease is made of a unique base which offers minimal oil separation or hardening and demonstrates excellent compatibility with many traditional soap oil greases.

  • Reduces ultrasonic wear noise which relates directly to lower component wear
  • High dropping point (570⁰F) and temperature pumpability allow for a wide operating temperature range of 0⁰F to 480⁰F (-18⁰C to 250⁰C)
  • Formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors to withstand contamination and protect critical components
  • Exceptional water wash resistance allowing for marine, pulp and paper, and similar applications
  • Outstanding shear stability, minimizing relubrication requirements
  • Ideal for use in centralized lubricating systems due to its excellent pumpability

PowerUp - Thixogrease

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