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Fuel & Cardlock



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IPN Cardlocks - 70 Locations, 1 Card


Call us to get your Chalmers card today and gain access to the entire network.

  • 24/7 Self-serve fueling stations

  • All purchases billed to a central account

  • Detailed monthly statements for your fleet

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Dyed & Clear Diesels, Regular Gasoline

Chalmers Fuels has delivered to farms, businesses and homes in Ontario since 1962. Now a proud Shell Distributor, Chalmers Fuels only sells quality Canadian product delivered on time, at a fair price.

For information on equipment loans, satellite monitoring, tank installation or product pricing, contact us today and a representative will be happy to help.

“With Shell [Diesel Extra] we save a great deal of fuel.

This means that our machines can operate, on average,

for 2.5 hours longer on each tank of fuel and

they can do so under all conditions.”

Rainer Buckel, owner of family farm

“The practical benefits convinced us. We were able to record

an average fuel saving of 5.12%. On top of that

we noticed a clear time saving when filling up and

also an improved starting in cold conditions.”

Helmut Adams, owner of a haulage company

Shell Diesel Extra

For only 1 cent per litre, have the Shell Diesel Extra additive electronically blended into your next fuel delivery. Specially formulated to keep engines running clean and at their best, Shell Diesel Extra helps to inhibit corrosion, extend refueling intervals, reduce black soot and overall fuel consumption.

Save fuel by up to 3% and never manually mix an expensive additive again.

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Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline

Formulated with zero ethanol for small engines and high performance vehicles.

The new Shell V-Power NiTRO+ formulation is the BEST TOTAL engine protection you can get. Shell V-Power NiTRO+ contains seven times the amount of cleaning agents required by federal standards, providing unbeatable protection against gunk and corrosion, and superior protection against wear.


Heating fuel oil tank beside exterior wa
Furnace / Heating Oils

Comprehensive inspections required for delivery to new customers are done at no charge assuming the system passes. Reliable and free automatic delivery is available for all homes, businesses and farms. 

Chalmers has a full team of oil burner technicians on staff to install, service, maintain and repair oil tanks and equipment. To learn more about oil to propane conversions, contact the office or click here.


Head office:

6630 Wellington Rd 123,

Box 148, Palmerston ON

Cardlock locations:



444 Smith St

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri  6 AM - 5 PM

Tel: 1(800) 265-3594

Fax: (519) 343-3354


6630 Wellington Rd 123


Mount Forest

6802 Hwy 89



44229 Hwy 86 W


782004 County Rd 9

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