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Propane FAQ



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Automatic & Phone-In Delivery
  • Free automatic delivery is available to all propane customers

    • Deliveries are calculated based on a degree-day system​

    • Depending on customer needs, winter deliveries can be every 2-6 weeks

  • Phone-in delivery requests must provide 72-hour notice

    • Due to busy nature of business during winter months, road closures, etc.​

Customer Reponsibility
  • Maintain a clear path to tank in all seasons

  • Keep tank area clear of debris including any combustibles (i.e. wood)

  • Clear snow and ice from propane tanks, outdoor vents, chimneys and flues

  • Inform your provider of any changes to consumption rates (i.e. new appliance)

  • Have a locate preformed before doing any excavation on your property

Annual Tank Rentals
  • Tanks are a large investment and for this reason are provided for you

  • Instead of purchasing, a small annual rental fee is applied to your account

  • Chalmers Fuels maintains tanks as required (i.e. painting)

  • Tanks have a long life expectancy but require exchanges, valve inspections and replacements that are performed by Chalmers Fuels as required

Vertical Tanks (420LB)
  • Holds approximately 375 liters when full (80%)

  • Can be placed directly on an exterior wall provided clearances are met:

    • 3' min. from a building opening (i.e. window, doorway etc.)

    • 10' min. from a source of ignition (i.e. electrical outlet, air conditioner etc.)

    • 10' min. from a mechanical air intake (i.e. appliance venting, HRV etc.)

Horizontal Tanks (500G)
  • Holds approximately 1600 liters when full (80%)

  • Can be placed away from home with connection buried, provided clearances are met:

    • 10' min. from a property line 

    • 10' min. from a building or shed 

    • 10' min. from a source of ignition (i.e. electrical outlet, air conditioner etc.)

Propane Safety

All propane tank and appliance installations done by Chalmers Fuels are performed by fully licenced, experienced technicians in accordance with the most recent LPG regulations. GasCheck inspections are completed upon install and as required (at least once every ten years) to ensure the entire system, including piping, is leak-free, up-to-date and operating properly. 

Quick tips:​

  • Install carbon monoxide monitors on every level in your home 

  • Ensure all vents and air inlet ducts for are not corroded or blocked

  • Ensure that you know how to shut off the propane supply if necessary

  • Only have qualified technicians install, repair or service your equipment

For more information, you can view the full safety brochure here.

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